Uncategorized April 10, 2020

Ways to make the most of lockdown

Maybe you’ve got some extra time on your hands, you’re over watching mindless Netflix shows, or lockdown has given you a different perspective on life. Here’s a list of ways to make the most of these bizarre times in isolation.

Start a new language

So you might not become fluent in Japanese in a few weeks, but often the hardest part is starting. With the Duolingo app, choose from 30 languages and spend just a few minutes each day. 

Learn to knit

If you’re hankering for some screen free time, and you consider yourself a little crafty, lockdown knitting might be for you. Whip up a cosy blanket for a new baby, a scarf for a loved one, or even these handy cotton wash cloths (great for a beginner). Hit up YouTube, this handy guide and Spotlight’s beginner projects. Wool is considered an essential item, so you can still order online.  Once you’re a pro, you can even do it while watching telly.

Take up dancing

When was the last time you let loose and had a solo boogie in the garage? It’s liberating, fun, and also a great cardio workout! The beauty of doing it at home is there’s nobody there to judge your twerking, and you can get sweaty in your pyjamas. Try Human Dance  or OK Now Ladies.

Read a book  

With libraries and book stores closed, now’s the perfect time to embrace e-books. You don’t need a kindle – simply use the Books app on Apple or Google Play Books app on Android to download and read from a huge selection. If you’ve got a library card, you can even access thousands of e-books free. Many New Zealand libraries use the Libby app – visit your local library website for info and handy guides to get started.

Start a fitness habit

Lockdown has given plenty of Kiwis the opportunity to get into more exercise. A few beers at the pub or a backyard BBQ have been replaced by pounding the pavement or a sweaty bike session. But the key will be keeping it up after lockdown. Tips to make a habit stick include committing for 30 days, a consistent routine and finding an exercise buddy (someone in your bubble for now of course). 

Get skilled in the kitchen

Judging by the lack of baking ingredients on shelves, Kiwis are spending much of isolation in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver and our own Nadia Lim are hosting cooking shows on TVNZ tailored for lockdown. Challenge yourself to try something new – bake your own hot cross buns this year, attempt a croquembouche or impress your bubble with goats cheese souffles

Get sketching

Most of us leave sketching behind when we graduate high school art, but it’s stress reducing benefits could be just what we need. All you need is a pen and paper, a subject, and maybe a quick YouTube tutorial