Loan Help October 2, 2019

Verifying Your Income

Why do you need my bank statements?

As a responsible lender, we need to ensure you can comfortably afford your loan repayments. In order to do this, we analyse your most recent bank statements.

Don’t worry if you think your bank statements aren’t so flash, we assess thousands of bank statements each month, and approve all types of customers.

How do i verify my income?

To verify your income, and offer an instant decision, we use a secure service provided by New Zealand’s leading credit agency – illion that retrieves an electronic copy of your bank statements. This allows us to analyse your income and expenses digitally.

This is super easy, and can all be done online through your customer portal. Take a look at the animation below to see how.

Is it secure?

As part of the application process, you will be asked to enter your internet banking credentials. This process does not give us access or control over your bank accounts. We never see or store your banking credentials; they are encrypted by illion.

You can read more about bank statement security here.

How do i access my customer portal?

To access your customer portal, simply click on the secure link in the Email or SMS you previously received from us.

The sooner we receive your bank statements, the sooner our team will be able to assess your application. Let’s go!