Uncategorized January 9, 2020

Top home improvement projects for summer

The days are longer, the evenings are warmer and we can no longer use weather as an excuse not to get those outdoor projects done. It’s time to throw on your old shorts, slap on some SPF and get into that satisfying summer DIY.

Spruce up your deck

Get your deck ready for Sunday sessions and spontaneous BBQs. Clean timber using a professional deck cleaning product, water and a hose or high pressure cleaner. It’s important to know the type of timber of your deck so you know the best approach. Follow up with a stain or oil to keep the timber protected from the elements and looking top notch.

If you don’t have a deck (it’s a Kiwi summer essential!), or you’re in need of a complete re-haul, summer provides the perfect conditions to get it done.

Build a vege garden

There’s endless reasons why vege gardens are the bees knees. Just pop into your garden for the freshest produce, take only what you need (no waste), save cash, and teach the kids where their food comes from. If you don’t already have an appropriate spot (or for the lushest veges around) you can build a raised vege garden with some fencing timber, nails and good soil. The ideal spot is somewhere level, with a little shelter and shade, and at least 5 hours of sun a day.

Create an outdoor kitchen

Cooking al fresco means more than burnt sizzlers on the barbie with the new outdoor kitchen trend. It means preparing gourmet meals in the fresh air, without even leaving your guests to pop into the kitchen. At the very least an outdoor kitchen involves a built-in BBQ and some food prep space. You can also add a pizza oven, rotisserie or smoker. A sink, outdoor fridge, storage and task lighting will make will make an outdoor kitchen even the Joneses will be envy of.

Recruit a robot lawnmower

OK so it’s not exactly a home improvement project. But if you’re the kind of person who prefers admiring your lawn sipping on margaritas to actually mowing it, a robot lawnmower might be just what you need. If you love the idea of keeping things simple, but you can’t bring yourself to have a robot mow your lawn, consider irrigation to reduce endless summer watering. Bonus that when you return from holiday your plants will be looking just as lush as when you left.

Light up the outdoors

Summer means outdoor entertaining, but we don’t want the party to go down with the sun. Outdoor lighting is key for the ultimate outdoor entertaining area. If you’re wanting to keep things eco-friendly (and keep the power bill down), there are plenty of solar options these days. Opt for festoon lights draped along a pergola, or between trees. Light up paths and feature trees with solar spotlights. Add wall lights by your deck for late night BBQs.

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