Uncategorized April 24, 2020

Lockdown funnies: the best of

The internet has had a whole new meaning during lockdown. It’s kept us in touch, kept us informed, but it’s been the real MVP for dishing out the LOLs. At a time of unease, a daily giggle session can do wonders for our mental health, so keep scrolling.

Travel memes

With much of the world on lockdown with travel restrictions, the global population can relate to these travel LOLs.

The TikToks

Even if you haven’t already downloaded the app, it’s hard to avoid the TikTok craze. An app of dance challenges, pranks and silly videos ranging from food to fashion, it’s ideal for a world forced to stay at home. One of the beauties of TikTok is its unique algorithm, which allows any old Joe Bloggs to go viral.

Here’s a bunch of funny tiktoks (filmed pre-lockdown):

Kiwi ingenuity

In difficult times, the number 8 wire mentality will help us through the other side.

This Auckland Dad’s kiwi ingenuity helped this family through the other side, quite literally, with a seesaw through the fence. Daughter Summer’s best friend happens to live next door but with neighbourly playdates cancelled, he came up with the idea so the girls could continue to play while staying in their bubble.

Image via RNZ

In another attempt to keep the kids entertained, this Dad made a makeshift wakeboard experience with a digger on the lawn. Might be even better than the real deal.

Rotorua Daily Post photograph by Stephen Parker

World champ rower Emma Twigg used some tape, dumbbells and bench seats for this world winning lockdown invention.

British humour

Much like Kiwi humour, only a little more inappropriate.

Dude with a sign – COVID-19 edition

The ‘dude with sign’ is always funny but a global pandemic has made him more relevant than ever.

Hamish Blake’s Zoom gatecrashes

Generally reserved for serious work meetings and family catch-ups, Australia’s funny man has managed to inject some humour into Zoom. Hamish Blake gatecrashed strangers’ Zoom meetings and the results are hilarious.

And we’d just like to end on this note…

Because who can resist a trio of chubby toddlers dancing around proudly with their bellies out?