Interest Rates & Fees

Schedule of standard fees and charges applicable from 1st October 2019

Interest Rates:

Interest rates range from 12.99% to 24.99% per annum, fixed for the term of the loan.

Establishment Fee – $195.00 to $395.00

Charged for processing the loan, including approval and acceptance of the loan and added to the loan contract when the loan is actually drawn.

  • For loan amounts between $1,000.00 and $1,500.00 an Establishment Fee of $195.00 will apply.
  • For loan amounts between $1,501.00 and $3,000.00 an Establishment Fee of $295.00 will apply.
  • For loan amounts over $3,000.00 an Establishment Fee of $395.00 will apply.

Broker Fee – $0.00 to $250.00

May be added where the application has been referred by a agent, contractor or introducer.

Personal Properties Securities Registration (PPSR) – $8.05

Charged to the contract and subsequently paid to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment for registration of any security interest on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Early Settlement – NIL 

Charged to the account when a loan is settled in full before its maturity date.

Pre-paid losses – NIL

No prepaid losses are applied where the loan is settled early.

Administration Fees – $2.00

Charged to the loan account each week, and included in your regular repayments.

SMS Charge $0.20

Charged where an account is currently in default and has not been remedied, and it is deemed necessary to contact by SMS messaging service.

Legal Costs

If the structure of your loan or financing is such that we require solicitors to prepare any documentation or advice, you will be responsible for the reasonable legal costs of the legal work undertaken.


The cost of insurance cover for Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance may be included in the loan. The premium financed will be paid to the relevant insurance company and provides insurance cover for the period stated in each insurance policy.

Fee Rebates

Where you settle a loan early, the Establishment Fee is not rebated. Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance is automatically refunded by Rule of 78. Click here to read more>