Getting the best flight deals
Uncategorized February 7, 2020

How to find the best flight deals: 5 quick tips

There’s plenty of reasons why Kiwis have a hankering to jump on a jet plane. Venturing out on the big O.E, a best friend’s wedding in Raro, trekking through the Himalayas or sipping on Aperol at a Sicilian beach. The experiences are priceless, but getting there isn’t cheap. See the world without breaking the bank with our tips to the best international flight deals.  

Be an early bird

There’s no magical formula to the best time for low flight prices, but it’s worth keeping an eye out several months in advance. If you’re really lucky (or willing to miss the trip) you can also nab deals just a couple of weeks out. 

Know the market

If you don’t know the going rate, you won’t know a good deal when you find one. Shop around in advance of booking and sign up for price alerts and emails for future deals. Flight website includes a handy fare prediction for most major destinations. The ‘Hopper’app is also a handy way to track itineraries and get notifications when fares drop.

Be flexible with dates

You can often save hundreds on a flight by shifting your itinerary just a few days to work with flight prices.  
Keep in mind that flight prices are often seasonal, due to demand in peak travel times. If you’re visiting Europe consider visiting in spring which should still provide t-shirt weather minus the inflated prices, especially in the warmer South. 

Be flexible with location

Got a wedding in Paris? A must-do in Tel Aviv? Consider flying to other nearby major cities first for cheaper flights and more options. It’s also worth checking prices for alternative airports, which might be less convenient but save you hundreds.

Know where to look

Gone are the days of scouring every available airline website for cheap flights. There are endless websites, but a few big search engine sites for flight deals are: 
Momondo – can search by continent andincludes plenty of budget airlines other websites don’t always include
Skyscanner – a great website for flexible travel 
Kiwi – great for searching multiple cities and countries at once 
Once you find a good deal, it’s a good idea to check if flights are even cheaper booking directly with the airline. 

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