Thrifty wedding ideas
Weddings October 11, 2019

Best thrifty wedding ideas (that aren’t cheap)

If you’re planning your big day, but your budget doesn’t quite match your immense love for each other, it’s time to embrace the understated wedding. We’re looking for thrifty, not cheap. An extravagant wedding is so 2018 anyway! Here are our top thrifty wedding ideas.

Embrace the intimate wedding

It’s easy to get carried away with your guest list, but keeping it intimate is going to cut costs hugely. Smaller numbers will also allow for different venue options, other than the typical wedding venues (who are often charge a premium for the w-word). Some fancy restaurants offer private dining areas – where you and your loved ones can be eating like royalty for a fraction of the cost.

Think outside the box for venue

Weddings back in the day used to generally involve a ceremony at the church followed by a backyard barbecue reception. If that’s not your jam (or your 10m2 courtyard won’t cut it) consider a park or beach. Community spaces such as halls and sports clubs can also be the perfect setting for a laid back wedding with a personal touch.

Skip the unnecessary

There are a few items on a wedding budget which can cost a bomb but go relatively unnoticed. Skip the favours, groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts, fancy menus, printed invites (by going digital) and overseas honeymoon.

DIY what you can

There are plenty of wedding items which can be done yourself – invitations, music, flowers, cake, hair and make-up. A thrifty wedding can be a bit of work, so don’t be afraid to ask around for favours (or in lieu of a wedding present). Friends and family are often eager to help out, and show off their skills.

Make the most of sale or return alcohol

There’s not much worse than running out of booze at a big event, but buying too much can blow the budget. Stores such as Liquorland offer a Sale or Return policy. Meaning you’ll have exactly the right amount of the booze, without paying for any extra. They can even deliver in a freezer trailer straight to your venue.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Things like decorations, table settings, dresses and accessories are often used once at a wedding, and then live at the back of someone’s cupboard for eternity. Be kind on your wallet and the environment by sourcing pre-loved wedding items – TradeMe is a good start.

Buy off the rack, or vintage

A custom wedding dress can cost thousands of dollars. For something that’s used for less than 12 hours, we can think of better ways to spend our hard earned cash. Buying a dress off the rack (rather than custom made) will cost far less. It can also be worth shopping around for a dress that’s not specifically a wedding dress – something special that happens to be white. Bonus that you’re not likely to see another bride in the same one. A vintage dress, from somewhere like Etsy, can also provide something completely unique without the extortionate price tag.

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