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Uncategorized March 18, 2020

9 good things that happened this month

Finding all the COVID-19 news a little overwhelming? A bunch of good things have happened this month too, it’s just harder to find! Here are our top 9 positive news pieces.

Petrol is finally cheaper

As global oil prices drop in the wake of Coronavirus, New Zealanders are seeing petrol prices ease at the pump. National price of a litre of 91 octane is $2.01 per litre on March 16, down from $2.389 on Dec. 27.

This puppy showed off her uni-ear to the world

The loveable Retriever pup named the ‘Golden Unicorn’ has been breaking the internet (and hearts) this week. An injury at birth left her with just one ear, which migrated to the top of her head as she grew. It makes her all the more cuter – and the world seems to agree, with her TikTok video getting 500,000 views.

Josh Gad of Frozen read to kids over the internet

If you’re a parent of young kids in 2020 chances are you’re (very) familiar with Frozen. Josh Gad, voice of Olaf in the Disney hit, has taken to Twitter to offer a bit of entertainment to kids in self-isolation. The actor read children’s book ‘Olivia Goes to Venice’ in a Twitter live video: “I thought tonight, we would start with one of my favourite books about one of my favourite places that none of us can really go to, a little place called Venice, in Italy”

Spanish trainer runs training sessions from rooftop

Think a lockdown would get you out of a sweaty gym session? Think again. Videos of personal trainer Gonzalo have gone viral this week, running exercise sessions from the rooftop for overlooking residents from their balconies.

Man brings llama in tuxedo to his sister’s wedding

21-year old Mendl Weinstock made a peculiar promise to his sister back in 2015. He stuck to his word this week, when he attended her wedding with a llama. The committed brother rented the llama, Shocky, for the day, and even convinced a co-worker to sew his furry date a tuxedo.

Italians sing their way through Coronavirus shutdown

Italy has become one of the worst affected countries in the coronavirus pandemic, but residents won’t let it dampen their shine. Videos have been shared on social media of Italians orchestrating neighbourly songs and dance to boost morale and solidarity. That’s amore.

Dozens of blue whales spotted for first time since 1980s whaling ban

60 years of whaling decimated a whopping 97% of the blue whale population, before a ban was put in place in the 1980s. The 2018 research mission found just one blue whale in South Georgia, but this year’s mission discovered a huge 55 blue whales!

King of Bhutan asks citizens to plant trees or adopt animals for his 40th birthday

The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is celebrating the King’s 40th birthday, but he isn’t asking for gold chains or fancy slippers. His request was made on Facebook, telling citizens the best gift would be to “plant a tree and care for it, adopt a stray dog or commit to manage waste in your neighborhood”.

CO2 emissions from the world’s power sector sees record drop   

Carbon emissions from the world’s power sector fell by 2% in 2019—the largest decline in electrical CO2 production since 1990.