Uncategorized April 3, 2020

8 things to be grateful for right now (Kiwi edition)

We don’t need to tell you about the devastation going on in the world right now. All the news can be overwhelming, new situations can be stressful and isolation can be, well, isolating. 2020 might not be our best year yet, but there are a bunch of things for Kiwis to be grateful for! 

The digital world

Can you imagine lockdown minus your smartphone, without Netflix (or TV), no cat memes and before the times of The Bachelor and MAFS? Unlike other pandemics in history, we’re connected, we’re informed and we have endless entertainment at our finger tips. We can host meetings on Zoom, have a laugh with friends on Houseparty, and stay fit with Les Mills On Demand.   

Wide open spaces 

We’re allowed to get out in the fresh air for a local walk or cycle – so we’re pretty damn lucky to be in New Zealand right now. Most of us live in walking distance to a beach, park, river or bush. 

Community spirit 

Kids are going on bear hunts, neighbourhoods are hosting (safe) street parties, families are putting out offers of help to the elderly, and suburbs are arranging clapping tributes. There’s a general sense of comradery across the nation, and the world, and it feels good. 

Hope in Italy and China 

China appears to believe its coronavirus emergency is now under control, with very few locally transmitted cases in recent days. Restrictions are relaxing, with Hubei province has now lifted travel restrictions. Lockdown in Wuhan which begain in January is scheduled to be eased April 8th.  
Italy is also experiencing a glimmer of hope – with statistics showing an ease of daily deaths, suggesting the country might be seeing a peak in the pandemic. 

New Zealand produces plenty of food  

Supermarkets, dairies, farmers, and any business involved in the food supply chain are continuing to keep us fed through the lockdown. We’ve got dairy farmers ensuring we have milk in our coffee, beef farmers getting roasts on our plates and growers working hard for our 5+ a day. Toilet paper is produced in the Waikato, and flour is produced nationwide. 

We’re not helpless in the fight against COVID-19! 

Helping keep fellows Kiwi safe against COVID-19 is actually relatively easy – we need to stay at home, wash our hands and practice social distancing when out for essential trips. Social distancing is actually a privilege – most of us in New Zealand have a roof over our heads, our own bathrooms, access to clean water and modern technology. A nationwide lockdown in India has caused chaos among the poor who are using communal bathrooms, commuting to a shared water tap, with lanes so narrow it’s impossible to pass without rubbing shoulders.  

A chance to slow down 

Remember your old days off that would be spent rushing to social events, dashing into the shops, sporting commitments, hair cuts, admin and more admin? Well now you’ve just got to worry about the odd trip to the supermarket and what time you’ll have your leisurely stroll around the ‘hood. Hectic schedules have been replaced with books, art, gardening and naps. Not all bad when you think about it.  

Our essential workers 

The rubbish collectors, the healthcare workers, supermarket staff, couriers, carers, food manufacturers, bankers, insurance advisers, scientists, vets, truck drivers, and all other essential workers – we salute you!