Travel October 18, 2019

6 reasons to get to Spain

If you ever needed a reason to travel to the home of siestas, sangria and some of the world’s best beaches, here’s six:

La Tomatina

Tomayto or Tomahto? La Tomatina is the famous fiesta that paints the town red (quite literally) and is best described as one massive tomato fight. It takes place late August in Buñol, a village near Valencia. It’s messy, it’s fun, and it’s well worth a visit.  


The island of Ibiza (pronounced “Eye-bee-tha” for us uncultured kiwis) has long been known for it’s wild parties and sultry clubs. If you’re the night rave kinda guy or gal, Ibiza will be your Spanish dream. When (or if) you’re taking a break from partying, check out the famous boho markets, the aquarium in a sea cave or ferry to the island of Formentera.


If you’re a football fanatic, you’re going to want to visit Spain during La Liga season. If you’re lucky (really, really lucky) you might get a ticket to El Clasico. But experiencing any game at the iconic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Madrid) or Camp Nou (Barcelona) will be a game changer.  

Tapas and sangria

If there’s one thing the Spanish know how to do well it’s eat (and drink). You’ll find tapas bars and restaurants on nearly every corner in most towns. Sangria is a staple Spanish drink, and it’d be rude not to dabble in the fruity vino. Tapas is more than just good food – it’s an experience. Traditionally enjoyed between meals, always with wine and friends, tapas are bite sized morsels of fuss-free food. If you’re a traveller of the hungry breed, you’ll also want to sample a Spanish paella, the famous rice dish. 

Picasso, Gaudi, Dali

The Spanish have culture down to a fine art. Home to Pablo Picasso, the most influential artist of the 20th century. His fame and influence can be seen across the country – with dedicated museums and examples of his work. When exploring Barcelona, you won’t miss the eccentric architecture of Antoni Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia is so intricate, it’s in it’s 136th year of construction. Another iconic Spanish artist is the eccentric Salvador Dali, most famous for his painting The Persistence of Memory, featuring melting clocks. The artist’s largest and most diverse collection can be experienced at Teatro Museo in Dalí’s hometown Figueres.

Beach time

Life’s a beach in Spain, and there’s something for everyone. At La Concha in San Sebastian you can have a dip while admiring views of historic architecture and Mount Urgull. Costa Brava region in northeastern Spain is brimming with stunning beaches and charming towns, you’ll find it hard to pick. But if you’re looking for somewhere immersed in nature rather than tourists, try Playa de Sa Boadella, Cala Estreta or Calla Sa Sabolla. Or head South to the Andalusian coast for balmy weather and seaside towns steeped in history. Calahonda Beach, Chorillo Beach and Carabeo beach near the beautiful Nerja are only accessible by foot, but worth it for the scenery. If you’re into surfing and water sports (or keen to give it a go), head to Tarifa in the most southern tip of Spain.

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