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Uncategorized February 14, 2020

5 ways to expand your adult mind

Our early years are brimming with new learning – one year olds are learning to walk, pre-schoolers know their ABCs and school kids are learning our intricate eco-system. When did you last learn something new? As adults it’s easy to wish the days away at work and spend the weekends doing the same old.  
We often make a point of keeping our bodies healthy – hitting the gym, keeping up with the latest diet fad, counting our calories, but what about our minds? Exercising the mind has been proven to have significant brain boosting benefits.  
There’s plenty of reasons to continue learning into adulthood. It might provide more career opportunities, keep our mind active, or simply be satisfying. We might acquire a handy new skill and meet a bunch of new people. There’s also plenty of ways to do it, here are our top 5. 

Read a book

Good old fashioned books provide endless learning opportunities. Expand your mind with a self-help book, get inspired with a biography of someone you admire, learn about the past with a chilling war book, or enrich your language with an entertaining novel. Download an e-book, invest in a kindle, or pop into your local library. 

Listen to a podcast

If you haven’t gotten on the podcast train, 2020 might be your year. Simply find the podcast app on your phone, and download or stream a podcast of your choice. Think of a podcast like an audio version of your favourite blogs, shows and topics. Find an inspiring business series, an entertaining fantasy story, hear from experts on topics ranging from parenthood to entrepreneurship.

Learn a new skill

Learning a practical new skill could save you money, help you realise a passion or jump start a new career. There are plenty of weekend and night classes across the country in subjects including pottery, photography, Xero accounting, landscape design and boating.

Get a degree or diploma

Or finish one you’ve already started! A traditional tertiary degree is no mean feat, generally taking at least three years of full-time study. There are plenty of other options though – such as diplomas, distance learning, hairdressing or floristry certificates, and police school.

Learn a language

Whether you’re planning an overseas trip or just want to impress your friends ordering at the local bistro, learning a new language is a great way to exercise your mind. It’s proven that speaking more than one language improves memory, problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to multi-task. Being multilingual even helps less the effects of mental aging. We say oui oui to that.

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